We are an Israeli based company, that has won multiple election campaigns across the USA

Managing an election campaign and running an election day, requires maximum and optimal deployment. Proper, intelligent and efficient use of modules. We at Elector developed a system that ensures to capitalize on the maximum of your human, economic & time resources.

We are highly experienced with all kinds of elections:




Organizations and bureaus

How Benjamin Netanyahu  managed to increase its power by 200,000 votes

The Israeli media has determined: Elector system was crucial to Netanyahu’s achievement. The headline: “the ELECTOR victory”

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Group 160

'Israel Beytenu' party, national election

In a national campaign, controlling ability is critical and complex because of the large amount of information and broad staff.
Elector has proven itself to be a stable and reliable system with significant added value both in terms of data collection and organization, and in terms of simplicity of the process combined with the AI systems that helped us, among other things, in classifying the audience.
After a wide market survey of the existing players in the market, we chose Elector once and chose them again

Group 160

Raz Kinstich, Mayor of Rishon Lezion Mayoral elections, 2018

Elector system has proven its effectiveness in both ongoing contact with the voters before the election day,and in the most crucial 24 hours – Election Day. User-friendly interfaces that allow continuous monitoring of the rate of progress through regular and accurate data streaming, while providing a large-scale ability to move pointers according to the existing situation, through an efficient and friendly method for all.

Background image from the Raz Kunstlich election headquarters, 2018

Elector leads you to victory

Learn why Elector is the leading system in the market today. [Source: “Keshet 12” The most-watched broadcast channel in Israel]

Your Data is Worth Much More - Artificial Intelligence in Elector

In an election campaign, time is a critical resource. Although you may not be able to reach every voter in the voters book, with initial information and classification we create a profile of the voters who are most likely to support you. We achieve this using complex algorithms from the AI and machine learning fields. 

Elector on Election Day

Now that the big day has come, your hard labor of the past months and years is put to the test. We believe that election day is not the time to recruit new supporters, but to do the maximum to lead the supporters you collected during your campaign to the ballot box. Elector helps you motivate your supporters on all levels. 

Elector’s success stories

The most advanced campaign management system in the market

User Friendly

Understanding that our target group is not necessarily comprised of computer experts, the system was designed and implemented so that any end user can navigate it easily and conveniently.

Technology and security

Elector was developed by expert professionals in the fields of information security and software systems development. We did not settle for a system that would merely deliver the goods: we wanted it to work well and be secured with the strictest standards.

Characterization Based on Experience

The system’s characterization was formulated by election headquarters personnel and experienced campaign managers who have cumulatively managed ten election campaigns. We used their experience, filled in what was lacking, and put it all under one umbrella.

Full interfacing with social media

Elector is an intelligent system that interfaces with Google, Facebook, social media and targeted landing pages, combined with chat bots, voter classification, and more.

Call center

Elector’s “shotgun” feature spares phone staff the laborious search for people to call, displaying the desired conversation script and priorities predetermined by the campaign manager.

An app for field workers

Winning an election depends a lot on field work. Engaged election activists are crucial to the success of a campaign. The various modules we offer include the ability to add supporters from any location via the application, and provide automatic classification of family members, receipt of motivation alerts, and interfacing with the phone book. All data collected is forwarded to the campaign manager, who receives real-time macro and micro reports. 

More from Elector

A flagship product of Elector Software Ltd. Elector was created by software development professionals who are also engaged in the political arena.

With you on every screen

Elector goes with you everywhere – whether on the screen of your headquarters computer, or in the field via tablets and smartphones.

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